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HANC Honors Memory Of Our Boys

8On October 7, the HANC middle school and high school participated in a siyum for “our boys.” After the tragic events of this summer, the HANC community decided to remember these boys with a siyum mishnayot, l’zecher nishmat Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Sha’ar, and Naftali Frenkel.

The program began with the middle school principal, Rabbi Elliot Hecht, opening the program and setting the tone, reminding all in attendance of the events that began on June 12 and culminated on June 30, when the world learned of the devastating news that “our boys” had been murdered.

The assembly then transitioned to a poignant video memorializing the soldiers who died during the war and images of Jews united in tefillah. Students were particularly moved as they saw the ages of soldiers flash across the screen and were reminded of just how young these soldiers were who were killed.

After the video, the high school principal, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, spoke about the unity that was created among all Jews regardless of affiliation. He then introduced Rabbi Shay Schachter, assistant rabbi of Congregation Kneseth Israel in Far Rockaway. Students sat mesmerized as Rabbi Schachter recounted his visits with each of the families of the boys during shivah. While Rabbi Schachter spoke, the room was solemnly silent. He stressed the impact that every individual can have in reaching out to others in difficult times.

The siyum was concluded by two sophomores, Eric Lenefsky and Eran Vaknin, and middle school rebbe Rabbi Mordechai Harris.

Mazal tov. May the neshamot of “our boys” have an aliyah and may we have peace in Israel and around the world.

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