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HANC Torah Bowl Team Wins League Championship

Torah Bowl commissioner Rabbi Wolofsky, Jeremy Livi, Sender Gross, Adam Livi, Shlomo Amsellem, team coach Rabbi Shimon Chrein, Matthew Rosenberg, Gideon Pollack, Michael Nassimi, David Schwartzman, Alex Maryles, Ari Levine, Daniel Albert, Jonathan Livi, and Aaron Levian. Not shown: Jason Brafman.

The HANC High School Boys’ Torah Bowl Team are the High School Yeshiva League Champions 2012–2013! On Tuesday, April 9, the HANC team proved to be unbeatable, winning the title despite fierce competition.

The HANC boys won their last ten games to clinch a first place seed in the playoffs. HAFTR and Flatbush were defeated in the first and second rounds on March 12, forcing a faceoff between HANC and NSHA. HANC defeated NSHA 17–3, for an outstanding victory, making the team the Eastern Division Champions.

The momentum did not stop there! On April 9, the boys traveled to New Jersey to play the other Division Champions—Ma’or, DRS, and TABC for the League Championship Title at Shalom Torah Academy. “The four-way battle between the teams was one of the most intense championships ever played,” said Torah Bowl Commissioner Rabbi Wolofsky. By the end of the third quarter, TABC had the lead with 35 points with HANC trailing by 8 points, DRS by 20, and Ma’or by 11. The game intensified when HANC caught up to TABC and took the lead 46-45. By the last question of the match, HANC was down by 1 point with a score of TABC 57 to HANC 56. The tension was palpable as the team held their buzzers tightly for that last question to determine who would be crowned league champions. HANC freshman Ari Levine answered the question correctly, giving the team the winning score of 60.

HANC’s principal, Rabbi Sholomo Adelman, spoke of the team’s victory, “We are so proud of the accomplishments of our Torah Bowl team. Their hatmadah in limud haTorah (perseverance in Torah study), sense of purpose, and achdut (unity) have served as an inspiration for our entire school. Mazal tov and yasher koach!”

The team celebrated their win, however the achdut and hard work from all four teams made the championship match an even more memorable one. v

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