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Haredi bakery throws out matza touched by Netanyahu


PM and haredim hits new low as pre-Passover visit turns petty.
As the Passover holiday approaches, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was invited to bake matza in Kfar Chabad in what seemed like a gesture of cooperation despite the growing rift between Netanyahu and the haredim.

“Every year I eat these matzas at home. Today, I am also preparing them myself,” he said to the cameras.

However, minutes after Netanyahu departed, all of the matza he baked was thrown out, according to haredi news outlet Kikar HaShabat.

The haredim have a long list of grievances against Netanyahu, most recently legislation enacted to draft haredi men and criminal sanctions against draft dodgers. His visit to the bakery was hotly contested in the haredi community, according to the report.

Kfar Chabad denied the implication that the matza was discarded as a petty extension to a political feud, claiming that the matza was simply left on the table for too long, reported Kikar HaShabat.

Chabad added that Netanyahu’s matza dough was kneaded without proper oversight, and that he hadn’t washed his hands or cut his nails, leading to concerns that hametz (yeast-based products not allowed on Passover) caught under his nails might have gotten into the dough. …read more
Source: 5tjt Facebook Page

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