Horror as Two Dead and Dozens Injured as Bus Hits Overpass at Miami Airport

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Wrecked: At least two people were killed and scores more injured when a double-decker tour bus hit an overpass at Miami airport.

Two people were killed and  three others are in critical condition after a  bus carrying more than 30 passengers slammed into a concrete overpass at Miami  International Airport.

The accident, which took  place early Saturday morning, left the front of the vehicle completely crushed  and most of its top sheered off. The bus was traveling about 20 mph when it hit  the overpass.

One of the victims, who  was sitting towards the front of the bus, was killed instantly, and the second  died at the hospital. All of the other  passengers suffered from some sort of injuries, with about half being rushed off  to the hospital.

According to authorities,  the crash occurred at approximately 8 a.m., when the tour bus slammed into the  8-foot-6 overhang. It appeared as though  the bus driver had made a  wrong turn at some point, as taller vehicles are  supposed to go through the  departures area, which has a higher  ceiling.

Miami-Dade police Lt.  Rosanna Cordero-Stutz said the  driver  was unfamiliar with the area.

More than a dozen  firetrucks and six ambulances responded to the devastating crash. The area was  immediately cordoned off by emergency personnel, as rescue workers attempted to  access the passengers left trapped inside.

Because the damage to the  front of the bus was so extensive, police were forced to use the Jaws of Life to  cut a hole through  side to gain entry into the vehicle.

Osvaldo Lopez, an  officer  with Miami-Dade aviation, was one of the people assisting rescue workers. He  said that after hearing the loud noise, he became certain that it  was some sort  of car wreck and rushed over.

He said that once inside the bus, he found several  passengers thrown into the center aisle. He added the passengers, many of whom  were  elderly, remained calm after the wreck.

‘It was just very bloody,’ he said of the  scene.

According to public records, the bus belongs  to Miami Bus Service Corporation. The Miami Herald reported that the company has  no unsafe driving or controlled substance violations based on a 24-month record  ending on Oct. 26.

The company did, however, score a 92.2 per  cent in the fatigued driving category. This means that either the drivers were  cited for one or more serious violations of the past year, or that the company  didn’t meet federal requirements.

It is unclear what condition the driver was  in at the time of the accident. He was unharmed and taken in to be interviewed  by police following the incident.

‘It’s clear that the driver was not familiar  with the airport,’ tour  guide Hernan Garcia told the Herald. ‘There are  designated routes for  these type of buses and it is prohibited to speed in this  area.’

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