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Incredible moment transplant recipient held her dead heart in her hands after successful operation

A transplant patient has been pictured  holding her own heart in her hands after she survived cancer and organ  failure.

Even with the medical mask hiding most of her  face, ‘Penny’s’ wide-eyed grin is clear as her new heart beats in her chest and  she holds the old one for one last time following the successful  procedure.

Penny’s friend Kelsey posted this image on  her Imgur profile saying: ‘[Penny] is holding her  own heart. She has survived cancer and crippling heart failure and never lost  hope.’

According to Kelsey’s profile, doctors  allowed Penny to take a photograph with her dead heart before it was  cremated.

Still smiling: Penny is seen holding her heart after she had a transplant following cancer and organ failure

Wrapping both hands around it, she holds the  heart up to the camera as if it were a trophy.

Now a picture of health, she has this photograph as a keepsake of her ordeal and a reminder of how lucky she  is to  have received the new heart.

Around 4,000 people every year in the U.S.  need a heart transplant but only around 2,300 are able to get them.

Worldwide, about 3,500 heart  transplants are  performed annually.

A patient is usually kept in the  hospital  for up to two weeks after the procedure and the amount of  recovery time depends  on the health of the patient.

Source: The Daily Mail

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