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Instant Hero: Heartwarming Photo Shows NYPD Officer Giving Winter Boots to Barefoot Homeless Man

A New York police officer’s spontaneous act  of kindness has captured the praise of hundreds of thousands of people across  the internet.

A tourist from Arizona captured a  heartwarming photo of Lawrence Deprimo kneeling down to give a barefoot homeless  man a pair of winter boots on a cold night earlier this month.

The NYPD posted the photo on its Facebook  page, an effort to show the softer side of the nation’s largest police  force.

Nearly 300,000 people have ‘liked’ the photo  online. Another 65,000 people have shared it.

Act of kindness: Hundreds of thousands of people have expressed appreciation for Officer Lawrence Deprimo after the NYPD posted this photo of him on Facebook

Officer Deprimo said he was patrolling Times  Square in the heart of Manhattan when he came across the man, who was huddled  next to a storefront with nothing on his feet, the New York Times reports.

‘It was freezing out and you could see the  blisters on the man’s feet,’ the officer told the Times. ‘I had two pairs of  socks and I was still cold.’

Officer Deprimo said he talked to the  homeless man and found out his shoe size: 12.

He watched the man stand up and walk slowly,  painfully, down the cold pavement of the sidewalk on the balls of his feet.

The 25-year-old officer went into a nearby  Sketcher’s store and found a $100 pair of winter boots that he believed would  keep the man warm through the winter.

The clerk, moved to the story, gave the  officer his employee discount – 25 percent off.

Officer Deprimo said he keeps the $75 receipt  as a reminder that ‘sometimes people have it worse.’

Deprimo, who lives on Long Island with his  parents, joined the force in 2010.

The photo was taken by Jennifer Foster, a 911  dispatcher from from Pinal County, Arizona, who was in New York for  Thanksgiving.

When she got home, she emailed the photo to  the NYPD, which posted it to the department’s Facebook page.

She said she took the picture because the  scene reminded her of her own father, a 32-year veteran of the Phoenix police  department. She remembers as a child watching him give food to a homeless  man.

‘He squatted down, just like this officer,’  she told the Times.

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One Response to Instant Hero: Heartwarming Photo Shows NYPD Officer Giving Winter Boots to Barefoot Homeless Man

  1. Bad idea

    November 29, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    That’s not the way you treat sick people you give in to their laziness. He should’ve just told him to go to a shelter and work on rehabilitation and find a job. Most homeles speople are there by choice