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Iran to Launch “Islamic Google Earth” in Coming Months

Iran is planning to launch an “Islamic Google Earth” in the coming months Mohammed Hassan Nami, the country’s information and communication minister, was quoted by the semi-official Mehr news agency as saying.

“Preparations have been made for launching our world’s 3D map project and we are currently creating an appropriate data center which could be capable of processing this volume of information,” Nami said.

“We are doing our best to launch the Islamic Google Earth in the next four months as an Islamic republic’s national portal, providing service on a global scale,” he added.

Nami said that Iran’s version of the satellite technology will incorporate the “Islamic views we have in Iran and we will put a kind of information on our website that would take people of the world towards reality … Our values in Iran are the values of God and this would be the difference.”

Iran has long claimed that Google Earth and other western technology services were spying tools, a claim that tech magazine Wired doesn’t outright dismiss (though it questions just about every other claim Iran makes against Google Earth) and does note: “how an Islamic Google Earth will be any less of a destructive spy tool than a western one, remains to be seen.”

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Source: The Algemeiner

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