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Islamic State Boasts of French Cultural Center Blast, Gaza Operations (VIDEO)

ISIS flags. Screenshot

ISIS flags. Photo: Screenshot.

A Gaza salafist group which has sworn its loyalty to the terrorist Islamic State organization has posted a video showing the bombing of the coastal enclave’s French cultural center late last week, NRG News reported Thursday.

The group, established in Nov. 2008, distributed the video clip via Twitter, which supposedly proves that they carried out the blast, during which a narrator declared the victory of the Islamic state.

The narrator announces at the beginning of the clip that “the Caliphate and the Islamic State have declared war to protect the Islamic state,” and called on young people to join the jihad against the West.

“You must join the daily war against the American and European infidels, including the French, among them,” the narrator says, and then displays the bomb allegedly used in the attack.

“It is very symbolic,” a France 24 reporter said of the blast, because it was “the last foreign consulate left in Gaza where Palestinians could get visas for abroad.”

Both Hamas and The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the attack on the center, which was opened in 1982 in Gaza City.

Police spokesman Ayman Betjeni called the explosion “a cowardly attack,” in which a Palestinian police officer was reportedly wounded.

In Aug. 2009, Hamas, which runs the Strip, clashed with Jund Ansar Allah militants in a seven-hour battle in which 24 Palestinians were killed from both groups, and about 130 wounded.

Hamas claims the group has destroyed several internet cafes, which the al-Qaeda-affiliated group considers immoral.

In June, 2009, 10 members of the group staged an attack on the Karni border crossing with Israel, but were repulsed by IDF troops, who killed three and wounded several others.

Watch the clip:

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Source:: The Algemeiner

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