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Israeli-Arab Christians seek to forge their own identity through new party

( Amid
the backdrop of tension within Israel’s Arab community over enlistment in the
Israel Defense Forces, Israeli-Arab Christians are seeking to forge their own
new identity apart from Israeli-Arab Muslims through the formation of their own
political party.

The new party will be named Habrit Hahadashah (The New Alliance); the party’s name includes the
word brit, or covenant, in reference
to Christianity’s New Testament.

“The entire thing started from the fact that I wanted to
get my nephew into the army and there were difficulties, they really didn’t
want him to integrate. Today he is a major in a combat unit,” Bashara Shlayan,
founder of the new Arab Christian party, told Israel Hayom.

Shlayan added, “We also invited priests from the church
to a conference we held in Nazareth Illit. One of them is the Church patriarch,
Father Gabriel Nadaf [who has drawn the ire of Arab MKs recently for
encouraging Christian Arab youth to join the IDF], who preferred [our way] and
said we were right.”

Shlayan said many Israeli-Arab Christians simply want to
be recognized as loyal citizens.

“They [Israeli-Arab leaders] think being against Israel
is Arab nationalism, that it is the manly thing. But if you oppose this way of
thinking, you are a traitor. This is what needs to be changed. It’s stupidity.
So I demand that we, the Christians, be recognized as loyal citizens of the
state,” Shlayan said.

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