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Israeli Designer Pitches ‘Bomb-Proof Backpack’ as Defense Against Terror (VIDEO)

An Israeli designer is offering a new twist on an old school accessory, one that might come in handy for Israelis looking for extra protection in times of crisis.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that Hila Raam, 27, has developed a bomb-proof backpack, and aims to target the Israeli market.

Though it protects basic vital organs, Raam says the bag isn’t meant as a comprehensive safeguard against threats, but rather as a first line of defense in the event of an emergency or terror strike.

To activate its lifesaving properties, wearers  pull a pair of side straps on the bag and yellow strings from the hood, and lie flat on the floor.

The backpack, which costs around £300 ($466), can fully protect the brain, heart, liver and kidneys from the impact and fallout of an explosion, using 19-layer Kevlar fabric at its core.

Miss Raam told The Daily Mail: “This bag pack is no ordinary bag – it can save lives. It is easy to use in real situation.I aimed to create a product that will always be with you and is part of your daily routine, so if there is a real situation it will be ready to use.”

“I chose to focus on the Israel life threats and problem because I am Israeli and this is the reality I know and live in. This bag is meant to protect and save lives, lives of all the different people around the world who need that kind of protection. Of course I hope one day that my invention will be irrelevant,” she added.

Watch a video of the bomb-proof backpack in action below.

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Source: The Algemeiner

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