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Israeli Navy installing system to counter Yakhont Russian anti-ship missile

A Russian anti-ship missile. Credit: Don S. Montgomery via Wikimedia Commons.

( Israel’s Navy has begun installing a new defense system on its missile
boats that would protect them from the feared Yakhont Russian anti-ship

A Russian anti-ship missile. Credit: Don S. Montgomery via Wikimedia Commons.

The Barak 8 medium-range missile is designed to intercept airborne
threats, including enemy aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, anti-ship missiles
and cruise missiles. “History has never seen ships capable of controlling
territory as well as Israel’s Navy using the Barak 8 missile,” according to a
source familiar with the weapon.

The Barak 8 would provide Israeli naval craft with a defense against the
Russian Yakhont missile, a potent anti-ship weapon that Israel sees a threat to
its navy, especially if it falls into the hands of Lebanese terrorist group
Hezbollah. A Russian shipment of the Yakhont missiles was allegedly destroyed
in Syria by Israel a few weeks ago.

The navy has decided to install the Barak 8 systems on its Saar 5
missile boats for the time being. It is believed that the system will be
operational on the boats within the coming months.

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