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Israeli Tourists Shocked by Nazi Kitsch in Bulgarian Town

Israeli tourists in Bulgaria were shocked by the prevalence of Nazi kitsch on sale during a recent visit to the beach resort of Nesebar, Israel’s Channel 2 reported Monday.

Perhaps even more startling was the response of one of the shop owners selling items such as Hitler mugs, wristwatches with swastikas, and an alarm clock with a picture of Hitler on its face: “There are people who want to buy the products, otherwise we would not sell them. We sell to those who want them, those who don’t, don’t have to buy them.”

According to Channel 2, there was a confrontation between some of the tourists who tried to call the authorities and the shop owners, who felt that their livelihood was under threat.

One tourist told Channel 2 that a shop owner even refused to sell him the alarm clock after learning that he was Israeli. Another Israeli tourist voiced his regret, saying that the trip to Bulgaria was pleasant, Nesebar beautiful, but that he couldn’t in good conscience return knowing he’d be supporting a town that sells such items.

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Source: The Algemeiner

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