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By Larry Gordon –

I watched President Obama apologize to the nation today for over promising, being inaccurate, not knowing what was going on with his featured policy initiative, feeling the pain of people losing insurance and saying that “it is on him.” What do those words mean when you are ill and your health policy is terminated because of his idea to turn America upside down?

It kind of reminds me of a bunch of similar type meaningless things that Mr. Obama says from time to time that are meant to placate or ameliorate a situation but at the end things stay the same and his expressions accomplish little or usually nothing. Today in addition to saying “it’s on him”, he also said he was going to “fix it.” And that he is also now asking a lot of questions and evaluating what went on. A little late, don’t you think?

It also reminds me of his expressions and pronouncements about the US-Israel relationship. Mr. Obama says there is an “unshakeable bond” between Israel and the US. At the same time Secretary of State John Kerry is telling lawmakers in Washington not to pay any attention to what Israel says about the need to turn up or increase sanctions on Iran. Some bond.

Both Obama and Hilary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State would say that if Iran does fire a nuclear weapon at Israel that the “U.S. will stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel.” How does that work exactly and what does figuratively standing shoulder to shoulder really accomplish aside from being a nice and pithy little phrase?

On Thursday the President suggested that a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facility would increase the likelihood of them pursuing manufacturing a nuclear bomb. What? Am I wrong to assume that if Iran is attacked militarily that some serious damage will be done that will set their nuclear efforts back years? That is unless the military operation will be one taken out of the Syrian playbook which means that it will be designed to miss its target.

I guess that if Iran manages to successfully deceive Mr. Obama, the Europeans and the rest of the world that the President can always at some point go on national television, bite his bottom lip and say, “it’s on him.” What a relief.

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One thought on “IT IS ON HIM

  • November 22, 2013 at 1:54 am


    I’m sure that there is an “unshakable bond” between you and Mrs. Larry and between you and your parents and between you and your kids. And I’m equally sure that there may from time to time have been just a little teentsy weentsy disagreement between the bond holders and maybe a conflict or two. Israel and the US are independent sovereign countries with differing agendas and goals. They do not walk in ;lockstep or become inseperable like Siamese twins. And really how often were GOP presidents opposed to Israeli actions?

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