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January’s Parent–Son Program At DRS

DRS alumni in Israel

DRS alumni in Israel

On January 1, parents and students gathered at DRS for an incredible program, highlighted by a showing of the critically acclaimed documentary “Beneath the Helmet.” This incredible coming-of-age film follows the lives of teenagers in Israel as they transition from life as an Israeli citizen to their induction into the IDF. Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld, a DRS alum, current assistant rabbi at Lincoln Square Synagogue, and a former IDF soldier himself, introduced the film to the huge audience filling the DRS gym. The movie, created by Jerusalem U, highlighted Commander Sergeant Eilon and his hardcore tactics used to change the mentality of his 40 Israeli high-schoolers. Following the movie, former IDF Lieutenant Aviv Regev, who was in charge of four platoons, including Eilon’s unit, and a director of the movie, answered questions from the audience. His main message was to realize who really protects the Israeli people and understand that the country’s army is solely defensive and non-aggressive. He continues to spread the true story of Israel’s army across several universities and colleges across America.

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