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JEC Holiday Blood Drive Surpasses 2012 Goals

Elad Zer dressed as Bernie the Blooddrop with Benjy Goldberg, Akiva Pearlman, Ilya Shabayev, Shimon Slepian, Marc Baruch, and technicians

A holiday blood drive that was open to the public and sponsored by the Jewish Educational Center surpassed the 2012 goals set for the event by New Jersey Blood Services, a division of the New York Blood Center. The drive, organized, coordinated, and promoted entirely by the school’s Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy boys’ high school division, drew students, parents, school administrators, faculty, and people off the street as the boys visited local stores and restaurants up and down the Elmora section of Elizabeth working to drum up participation.

“Here at RTMA, our programs are designed for student leadership and service to shine through,” said Rabbi Ami Neuman, the student activities director. “Once again, as no surprise, they have made us proud.”

“The blood service reps were so impressed with our boys,” said Mrs. Chanie Moskowitz, RTMA’s principal. “It was wonderful to see how they interacted with people coming in to donate blood and how they assisted throughout the day.” In total, the six-hour event netted 56 pints of whole blood and 36 pints of Alyx 2RBC—double the projected goal!

“It was a great experience, helping our greater community, not just JEC,” exclaimed Marc Baruch, one of the student organizers.

A traditionally Jewish value, at JEC the work of saving lives is being taught not just as an ideal to strive for, but as a very real opportunity for those willing to do so. In just the past couple of months, JEC faculty have actualized this in their own lives—one teacher has traveled to be a bone-marrow donor to a patient whom he matched in a national registry, and a second teacher donated a kidney and was away from work for many weeks, all to save the life of another. As the Talmud states, “He who saves a single life it is as if he has saved an entire world.”

For more information, please contact Rabbi Ami Neuman, RTMA director of student activities and staff coordinator of the drive, at 908-355-4850, ext. 204 or e-mail v

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