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Kosher Diapers a Hit with Orthodox Brooklyn Moms

We got a Kosher Kitchen, Kosher Food, Kosher Soap and now there are Kosher Diapers

Observant Jews aren’t supposed to open regular disposable diapers with adhesive glue-laden fasteners during the Sabbath because the ripping motion is considered “work,” which is forbidden. They must open up a stack of them beforehand — enough to make it through sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

But along came 55-year-old Mr. Barry Moskowitz, and problem solved.

Mr. Markowits is the proud owner of Premium Kosher Diapers, a company that has designed diapers with Velcro fasteners.

“Four Rabbis have approved my Product”, Mr. Moskowitz told the NY Daily News.“I want to be a household name, I want to be the kosher diaper king”, Moskowitz said.

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