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Leaks in Manhattan Murder Undermining Investigation

Investigators have yet to identify a suspect in the daytime shooting of  a Los Angeles man in midtown Manhattan.

A gunman and a getaway driver ambushed Brandon Lincoln Woodard on Monday  after he checked out of a Columbus Circle hotel.

An investigation has led police to Queens, where they located the assailants’  car. Investigators think it might have been a professional hit.

The silver Lincoln MKZ whisked the shooter away from the scene.

The gun used to kill Woodward was using in a shooting in St. Albans, Queens  in November 2009, said police.

“No suspect has been identified in this case. Leaks in this case are  undermining or certainly have the potential of undermining this investigation,”  said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Police are still examining three phones carried by Woodard when he flew to  New York on Sunday for reasons that are unclear.

Woodard’s mother told the NY Times that police found no drugs, weapons or  evidence of any kind in her son’s Los Angeles condo.

Sandra Wellington said the detectives told her they were working day and  night on the case. One detective told her “they were very close.”

Source: Fox 5 NY

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