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Lighting The Way On Rockaway Turnpike

At the menorah-lighting on Rockaway Turnpike

Rockaway Turnpike is the primary way of entering the Five Towns, with tens of thousands of cars riding through every day. Anyone driving through on Motzaei Shabbos Chanukah got a quick glance of a menorah lighting and live music with dancing on the side of the road which used to be a parking lot for an inappropriate venue. This menorah stands tall the entire Chanukah there.

The ceremony was arranged by Sholom and Pessy Jacobs, partial owners of a property that was recently purchased which helped clean up the atmosphere of that area. Some 100 community members attended. Sholom said, “The Rebbe always taught us that transforming something from darkness to light is one of the biggest mitzvos one can do. I am thankful that I was the shliach in this mission. How befitting that we are now lighting a public menorah in a spot that used to be taboo.”

The menorah lighting ceremony was conducted by Rabbi Zalman Wolowik from Chabad of the Five Towns. The event was sponsored by Sholom and Pessy Jacobs of Jacobs Real Estate Advisors and Novak, Juhase, and Stern.

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