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Mashaal says Netanyahu Asked for Truce; Israel: He’s Lying

Israel and Hamas agreed on a ceasefire but still disagree on the implementation phases, the Al-Arabiya network quoted unnamed sources as saying Sunday afternoon.

According to the report, Hamas conditioned the agreement on the immediate implementation of a ceasefire, while Israel wants to implement it in two separate phases – apparently a lull in the first stage and the lifting of the naval blockade of Gaza at a later stage

However, both sides denied the report and accused one another of spreading disinformation. Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal claimed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has requested a truce in the Gaza conflict, but a senior Israeli official said in response that “Hamas’s comments about a ceasefire, alleging that Israel is begging for one, are about as accurate as its claims to have shot down an F-15 (warplane) or attacked the Knesset.

Slamming Israeli “aggression” Mashaal said that “the enemy’s objectives have failed and this has enhanced the Palestinian people’s resolve.”

He said that Gazans maintain high morale and commented on reports of a potential lull. “Netanyahu asked for a lull. via the Americans and the Europeans; not Hamas, not the resistance and not the Palestinian people. The brothers in Gaza told me they want to achieve our legitimate demands – an end to targeted killings, lifting the blockade and more.”

Exiled Hamas leader claims Netanyahu requested truce, but top Israeli official says his comments ‘about as accurate as Hamas’ claims that it downed F-15 or attacked Knesset’

An Israeli state official said in response “Hamas, which is taking rough blows by the IDF even at this time, is looking for a way to save face.”

He noted that there is a substantial drop in the amount of rockets being fired at Israel and added that tens of thousands of soldiers are ready to launch a ground operation.

The official further added, “There are two parallel routes: Expansion of the operation and preparation for a ground offensive and an attempt by international elements to find a solution that will stop the fire.”

Source: Ynet News

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