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Members of Syrian Opposition Forces Currently Treated in Haifa’s Rambam Hospital

[Haifa, Israel] Two members of Syrian opposition forces are currently being treated in Haifa’s Rambam Hospital, in Northern Israel. Wounded by Syrian mortar fire and with multiple head and chest injuries, the two were transported by Israel’s Defense Forces to Rambam Hospital, and are now being treated in the trauma center. They are said to be in moderate condition.

Israel’s humanitarian aid comes at a key junction in Israel and Middle-Eastern politics, just moments before U.S. President Barack Obama landed in Israel to discuss the situation in Syria. According to a U.N. report in January, the two years of civil unrest in Syria has led to a death toll of over 60,000. Evacuated to an Israeli hospital despite the ongoing enmities between the two countries, the two men are being treated at Rambam Hospital both because of the severity of the injuries, and, as David Ratner, Rambam Hospital spokesperson notes, no Syrian hospital would take them.

“We are well trained in treating war injuries,” says Prof. Rafi Beyar, Director General of Rambam Hospital. Nor would he consider turning them away, despite any political unrest. “We treat anybody who comes to us.” Rambam hospital has a reputation for treating patients from across the Middle East with respect and dignity, regardless of their political affiliation. Ironically, this latest admission also comes at a time when they are preparing to unveil their underground fortified emergency hospital, which will protect the citizens of Northern Israel, should Syria decide to attack Israel yet again.

Members of Syrian opposition forces being treated by Dr. Hany Bahouth, Head of Rambam’s Trauma Unit (left) and Dr. Shlomi Israelit, Director of the Emergency Trauma Department (center.)

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