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Mesivta Yam Hatorah’s Father–Son Breakfast

Removing the Gid HaNasheh

Removing the Gid HaNasheh

This past Sunday, Mesivta Yam Hatorah held its annual Father-and-Son Breakfast. The goal of the breakfast was to foster a positive relationship between the school and the parents. It is the belief of the mesivta that this relationship is critical in ensuring each student’s success. The program began with an enjoyable breakfast and a d’var Torah from the menahel, Rabbi Eli Zoldan. After breakfast, parents learned b’chavrusa in preparation for a shiur given by Rabbi Shaya Cohen, rosh yeshiva of Zichron Aryeh. Rabbi Cohen gave a shiur on “v’ahavta l’reiacha kamocha” with focus on a difficult Rambam in Hilchos Avel.

After the shiur, parents were invited to a workshop on the topic of gid ha’nasheh given by Mr. Abitbol, the mesivta’s science teacher. Parents and students were thrilled to have this rare opportunity to see the actual gid being removed. The workshop was interactive and informative, giving everyone an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of this mitzvah. This workshop was one of many offered by the mesivta to deepen the students’ understanding of practical halachah.

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