Moment of Attack: NYPD Releases Video Of Broad Daylight Shooting (Video)

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Moment of attack: Brandon Woodard is seen texting on his phone moments before his killer, on the left, pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots him in the head in broad daylight

A shocking image has been released of the  moment a suspected hit man followed  closely behind his victim on a busy Manhattan street and pulled a gun out of his  pocket, right before he shot him in the head at close  range.

NYPD have released CCTV footage which shows  Brandon Lincoln Woodard, 31, from Los Angeles, walking and  texting on his phone  as his killer gets out of his getaway car and walks almost beside him.

The killer exited the passenger side  door of  his light grey Lincoln Sedan on 58th Street and casually popped the  hood of his  black sweatshirt before taking the semi-automatic pistol out of his  pocket.

He followed his victim for around ten minutes  before killing him.

Police say it was a targeted hit. The killer  is still at large.

The NYPD released a statement saying: ‘In the  video, the gunman wanted in the shooting death yesterday of Brandon Lincoln  Woodard, 31 of Los Angeles, is seen ten minutes before the shooting.

‘The shooter, who appears to be bald and may  have a beard, exited a late model Lincoln sedan, initially bare-headed, but soon  pulled the hood of his jacket over his head.

‘Ten minutes later, at approximately 2:00pm,  the shooter walked up behind Woodard and fired.  In the attached still, the  gunman is seen behind Woodard  a moment before the shooting, pulling the  weapon from his jacket pocket.’

Woodard was an aspiring rapper and his father  told the New York Daily  News he was in law school.

He also had a four-year-old daughter in Los  Angeles. According to NBC, he most recently lived in Chicago.

However, New York  1 reports that Woodard also had a  criminal past – including charges for cocaine possession and hit-and-run  driving.

In 2009, he was arrested for stealing several  bottles of wine from a market and has an assault and battery charge from as  recent as June 2012.

‘This is a shock,’ Woodard’s father J  Lincoln Woodard told the Daily News. ‘He was a very good son,  loving.’

He said his son’s legal trouble was behind  him and that he was studying to become a lawyer. However Mr Woodward, who is  divorced from the victim’s mother, said he has not seen his son since his 1999  high school graduation.

Police say surveillance cameras recorded the  shooting and that other cameras in the area recorded the killer waiting for  Woodard for at least 40 minutes. After reviewing the footage from the area they  believe they have a picture of the gunman.

The suspect, described as a black male  wearing a dark coat, dark hood and khaki pants, hopped into the  passenger side  of a light-colored Lincoln MKZ sedan NYPD seconds later spokesman Paul Browne  said.

A silver, semi-automatic gun was used.

Investigators are probing a possible  connection to drug dealing. Police are also looking at Woodard’s ties to the  music industry. He once claimed he was roughed up by bodyguards working for  R&B star Usher.

Police investigate the scene where a man was fatally  shot in the back of the head in New York on Monday outside a school near  Columbus Circle

Sadet Kolo, 36, who was skateboarding near the victim  told the New York Daily News: ‘It came out of nowhere. I turned around and saw a  man next to me, on the ground. I called 911 and told him “Hang on. Help is on  the way”

Police continue their investigation. Woodard’s father J  Lincoln Woodard said his son’s legal trouble was behind him and that he was  studying to become a lawyer

The  victim was walking westbound on West 58th Street,’ Mr Browne said. ‘The shooter  walked up behind him and shot him at close range.

‘At one point the victim looked behind him  then continued walking before  he was shot. There  was no rush. He just walked up to him, shot him and walked away.’

Witness Benny Harris, 44, a pedicab tour  guide told DNAInfo:‘We heard a single shot. We all flinched. It was loud. We looked down the  block. We saw a guy on the ground.

‘I ran and banged on the door of the nearby  firehouse. Within a  minute three firefighters were working on him. They tore  his clothes  open and had that machine to revive people.

‘He was facing up. You could see an iPhone  and headphones laying next to him. So it wasn’t a robbery, clearly.’

Sadet  Kolo, 36, who was skateboarding near the victim told the New York Daily  News:‘It  came out of nowhere. I turned around and saw a man next to me, on the ground. I  called 911 and told him “Hang on. Help is on the way”.

‘He was bleeding bad. Blood was gushing out  of his eyeball, his nose, mouth, everywhere. He was talking a little. Or trying  to. He was alive for good two minutes.

‘You could not even see anything on one side  of his face. It was gone. Half of his face was gone. Poor b*****d. I didn’t even  see a shooter. I hope they catch him.’

David Mirambeau, 29, a delivery man for  United Parcel Service Inc. told the Wall Street Journal: ‘I just heard the shot.  He was gasping for air, he was still alive.’

In 2003, Woodard received a bachelor’s degree  in business administration from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the  school confirmed. Prior to this, he attended the private Campbell Hall High  School.

Source: The Daily Mail

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