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Money Laundering: Chasidic Drug-Cash Rap

Update: The three were released earlier today on a $10,000 bail.

Three Chasidic Jews from Brooklyn were busted yesterday for allegedly laundering millions of dollars for an international drug ring that operates in Israel, England and the US.

The suspects collected drug cash in New York, Boston and Hartford on the orders of the gang’s Israeli leaders, then laundered it through a check-cashing business in Brooklyn, Manhattan federal prosecutors charged.

Samuel Ashkenazi, 43, allegedly served as the courier, with court papers saying he picked up “bulk currency” in amounts of up to $400,000.

The money was then counted, split up and distributed through The Money Spot in Brooklyn, which is owned by Samuel “Benzi” Goldberger, 34, Manhattan federal prosecutor Daniel Tehrani said in court.

The third defendant, Samuel Blau, 50, helped arrange a March pick-up of $300,000 from a Manhattan apartment, according to the men’s indictment.

Source: The NY Post
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