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More Than a Thousand Protesters Rally Outside Democratic National Convention

Days before the Democratic National Convention is scheduled to officially open, protesters took to the streets today to rally against everything from Medicare cuts to military spending.

Just before 3 p.m. more than a thousand protesters marched down College Street past the Time Warner arena and the convention center, declaring, “It’s a beautiful day for a revolution.”

The group was comprised of various left-leaning contingents, including Occupy Wall Street, the Socialist party and the Workers World party.

John Penley of Asheville, N.C., recently returned from Tampa, where he and fellow protesters picketed Republican proceedings.

More than a thousand protesters marched down College Street in advance of the DNC. David Giambusso/The Star-Ledger

“I wanted to protest against both political parties,” the U.S. Navy veteran said, citing a “massive backlog” of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with disabilities.

“Last month we set a record for veteran suicides,” he said. “We don’t seem to be doing anything about it.”

Protester Paul DeRienzo came from New York City to protest the lack of issues being discussed in the presidential campaigns.

“They say they’re so smart,” he said. “But when they have to respond to real issues they’re just corporate fronts.”

Delegates and politicians are streaming into town today in preparation for a week of parties and events surrounding the convention.

Source: NJ Star Ledger

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