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Netanyahu dubbed ‘tyrant’ in Islamic State magazine

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Islamic State's Dabiq magazine. Credit: Dabiq.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine. Credit: Dabiq.

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was featured in the Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine, where the jihadist group refers to him as a “tyrant” of the Jews.

The article, titled “In the Words of the Enemy,” features a picture of Netanyahu with quotes taken from an interview he gave the CBS program Face the Nation. In that interview, the Israeli leader discusses the threat posed by Islamic State. The caption underneath the photo reads “the Taghut of the Jews,” an Arabic term meaning tyrant, heretic, or false leader.

In the November interview with Face the Nation, Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s support for American military efforts to combat Islamic State, but he also warned against the Iranian threat.

“We want them both to lose,” Netanyahu said, referring to both Islamic State and Iran. “The last thing we want is to have any one of them get weapons of mass destruction.”

Dabiq is an online magazine that Islamic State uses for propaganda and recruitment. It was first published in July 2014 in a number of languages, including English.

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