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Netanyahu: We Must Have Ability to Put ‘the Fear of Death Into’ the Enemy

While observing a war drill in the Golan Heights Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to potential aggressors, saying, “no one will attack the State of Israel without a strong and decisive response.”

“As much as we practice, train and plan, it is the realm of the uncertain. In the decisive battle, beyond the men and the technology, it is our determination, the will to win and the ability to break the enemy and – at the decisive moment – to put the fear of death into him,” Netanyahu told soldiers from the Golani Brigade, which was taking part in the drill.

Netanyahu further added: “I hope that they will not try us. But if they do, I am certain that we will meet the challenge.”

The Prime Minister was joined by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who likewise warned that any attacks on Israel would be met with a harsh response.

“It’s important to clarify to all who are on the other side of the border, and who are planning to harm us in one way or another, that we are ready and determined to act with full force,” Ya’alon said.

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Source: The Algemeiner

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