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New coalition distances itself from Bibi’s Bar Ilan Speech

Haaretz reports

The coalition agreements signed with both parties make almost no mention of the peace process…Habayit Hayehudi added a clause to the agreement requiring the government to pass a law within 90 days mandating a referendum over any agreement that includes handing over territory.

The actual Coalition Guidelines first paragraph reads:

    To the Jewish people the inalienable right for a state in the Land of Israel, its historical national homeland of the Jews.

And the second reads:

      Israel will strive for a peace agreement with the Palestinians in order to arrive at a diplomatic arrangement with them that will end the conflict with them. If such an agreement is achieved, it will be brought to the Government and Knesset for approval and if required by law, for a plebiscite.

One negative element is the use of “Palestinians”.

A positive element, no mention of a “two-state solution” or the Bar-Ilan speech.

A new path begins.

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