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New Hampshire Man Wins $2.1m with Lottery Ticket he Was Sold By MISTAKE

A cashier’s mistake gifted a New Hampshire  man $2.1million as he was accidentally sold the wrong lottery ticket that went  on to scoop the jackpot.

Father of three, Scott Bennett, 48, wanted to  buy a Lucky for Life lottery ticket and a Tri-State Megabucks ticket, but was  instead given two entries to the Megabucks draw at the Hillsborough Circle K  Convenience Store .

But it turns out the mistake was actually the  favour of a lifetime, as the Bennett family went on to win the top Megabucks  prize on Friday night and became overnight millionaires.

Cathy Bennett, 47, Scott’s wife, told WMUR  TV about the moment her husband  realised they had won.

It Could Happen to you: Scott Bennett was sold a ticket for the Tri-State Megabucks lottery by accident and it went on to be worth $2.1million. His family collected the prize on his behalf while he was at work

‘I went downstairs, and he was sitting there  with the ticket in one hand and the New Hampshire Lottery website on the  computer, just staring at both of them,’ she said.

‘We must have checked them about 15 times. We  really truly didn’t believe it.’

The couple’s son Travis, 20, had heard that a  winner was local and left a note on the kitchen table urging his father in case  they were the lucky ones.

The note is now a prized-possession to the  family reminding them of their lucky win.

They celebrated with Chinese food but Mr  Bennett, a property manager, and his wife, an elementary school paraprofessional  want to carry on working regardless of their windfall.

Mr Bennett didn’t attend the press conference  called to mark their win as it clashed with work.

‘He’s at work,’ she told, ‘he’s out sanding and  plowing.

‘We’re going to keep working,’ she added. ‘We  both love our jobs.’

She was joined instead by her parents Wally  and Sharon Houghton, 23-year-old daughter Danielle, Travis and her other son  Brett, 16 to collect the cheque.

Mrs Bennett  added: ‘It’s very overwhelming but I think once everything settles we’ll enjoy  and take the time to enjoy it and decide what the future’s going to hold…there  might be a few extra presents under the tree.’

Mr Bennett did, of course, make time to thank  the ticket-seller, 24-year-old Nicki Gee who made the mistake when he purchased  tickets on Wednesday.

‘He came in to thank me and said I had made a  very good mistake,” Ms Gee said.

The Bennetts chose  to take a lump-sum  payment of $1.3 million.

The supermarket receives $21,500 for selling  the winning prize.

The couple plan to spend the money on  improving their newly-purchased home.

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