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New Tehillim Group Being Formed

By Adina Zakutinsky

A Tehillim group was formed in Flatbush in which each mother took upon herself a perek of Tehillim to say for her single child. Perakim were assigned until the whole Sefer Tehillim was assigned, thereby the whole Sefer is said daily. Each one says this perek daily until the child gets married and then the perek is released to be used by someone else. The mothers are all supposed to daily think about everyone on the list and actually say the names on Fridays during candle lighting.

A second group was formed last week in the Five Towns and is now full. I was asked to start another group—and so I am. This group is open to mothers. The perek the mother gets is hers to say daily until the person gets married, and then I should be notified so I can reassign the perek. If, Rachmana litzlan, someone doesn’t have a mother, then another relative is welcome to join on the single’s behalf.

If you would like to join, send the mother’s first and last name, the mother’s cell phone number, the mother’s e-mail address, and the single’s and mother’s Hebrew names. You will then be instructed what perek you have. You can sign up for as many single children as you have and you will be given one perek per child. I can be reached at or via text to 917-415-3536. v

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