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Newly Discovered Diary of Hitler Confidant Could Shed New Light on Nazis

The recently re-discovered diary of one of Adolf Hitler’s closest confidants could provide new insight into high level meetings by Nazi officials, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has said.

The 400 page diary belonged to Alfred Rosenberg, a high-ranking Nazi who ran the party’s foreign affairs department and edited the Nazi newspaper.

“The documentation is of considerable importance for the study of the Nazi era, including the history of the Holocaust,” the Daily Mail cited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as having announced.

“A cursory content analysis indicates that the material sheds new light on a number of important issues relating to the Third Reich’s policy.

“The diary will be an important source of information to historians that compliments, and in part contradicts, already known documentation.”

According to the museum, among much else, the diary offers a loose collection of Rosenberg’s recollections from spring 1936 to winter 1944,

Rosenberg was eventually convicted of crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg trials and executed in October 1946. His diary, once held by Nuremberg prosecutors as evidence, vanished after the trial.

A Nuremberg prosecutor, Robert Kempner, was long suspected by U.S. officials of smuggling the diary back to the United States, but U.S. officials were never able to track it down.

Earlier this year, however, the Holocaust museum and an agent from Homeland Security Investigation tracked the diary to Kempner’s former secretary, Herbert Richardson, who was living near Buffalo.

Richardson has thus far declined to comment. A government official said more details will be announced at a news conference later this week.

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Source: The Algemeiner

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