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November In DRS

Rabbi Polakoff’s 11th-grade shiur at his class Chanukah party

Rabbi Polakoff’s 11th-grade shiur at his class Chanukah party

The month began with the annual DRS blood drive, through which the students of DRS managed to donate over 80 pints of blood this year. This tremendous chesed will help save many lives, and special thanks goes to seniors Avi Genachowski, Eli Goldberg, Yitzchak Ben-Ami, and Sammy Rauch for organizing the entire program and schedule.

November was also “gratitude month” as part of DRS’s “positive project”—a program geared to raise awareness of various different middot and qualities that we want our students to emulate. In a unique program geared toward the freshmen, students were asked to call, text, or e-mail those people in their lives whom they wished to express a special sense of hakarat hatov toward.

As Chanukah approached in DRS, the students got excited for the traditional DRS Chanukah Chagigah and Chinese Auction—only to be surprised by Color War Breakout! During the third annual DRS Color War, the team themes were Nes and Tevah—focusing on both the great miracles and natural events in our lives orchestrated by Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Color War gave students the chance to express their talents in song, stomp, art, sports, comedy, and music competitions.

Students were also invited to their rebbeim’s houses for Chanukah parties, and an opportunity to bond with their friends and rebbeim—with latkes and doughnuts, of course! v

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