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NY Rangers Sportscaster is Pelted in the Face with a Hockey Puck But Continues Reporting with Blood Streaming from his Nose

Sportscaster John Giannone was pelted in the  face with a hockey puck Thursday evening, but that didn’t stop him from  appearing on live broadcast while blood still streamed from his nose.

Giannone, the rink-side reporter for New York  Rangers broadcasts, took the puck to his face during the Rangers-Islanders game  at Madison Square Garden.

The incident was caught on live broadcast but  even in slow motion, it was hard to see the moment of impact because the puck  moved so fast.

The Rangers’ Marc Staal had floated the puck  toward the box from where Giannone was reporting and it caught him on the bridge  of his nose.

Giannone could be seen grabbing his face after the puck hit him and moments later, the camera cut to him for an  update  on his condition.

‘It’s all good,” Giannone said with blood streaming from the bridge of his nose and  into his mouth. ‘Marc Staal came  over  and apologized.’

‘He’s a gamer,’ fellow  sportscaster Sam Rosen  said of Giannone.

The Rangers’ trainer patched up Giannone while he  continued reporting

“It’s all good”  Giannone said with blood streaming from  the bridge of his nose and into his mouth. ‘Marc Staal came over and  apologized’

Giannone joked, ‘I literally kept my eye on  the puck there, I’ll tell you that.’

The Rangers’ trainer patched him up while he  spoke.

‘It looked bad when I hit him. He’ll look  like one of us tomorrow,’ Staal said. ‘I felt bad. It was a rolling puck and as  soon as I let it go, I could see him not even looking. He’s lucky it was a  backhand.’

Coincidentally, the Islanders’ coach Jack  Capuano was hit by a puck last week and needed five stitches as a result.

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