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Obama Administration Prepared To Blame Bibi

The Obama administration is preparing to settle scores with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, for his campaign against US-led nuclear diplomacy with Iran, by holding him to blame for the impasse in Israel-Palestinian negotiations. This will ignore the uniform assessments by US and Israeli intelligence analysts that it is the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas who is holding out against all Secretary of State John Kerry’s Herculean efforts for a peace accord with Israel, say debkafile’s Washington and Jerusalem sources.
Abbas (Abu Mazen) is sure that he can get more from the international community by diplomatic manipulation and effective propaganda. He believes he holds enough cards and leverage to manage without having to reach terms for deals with the US or Israel.
He is only playing along with the Americans and Israelis for one purpose – not to lose US and other Western financial assistance. Earlier this month, the European Union said it would discontinue the $1 billion annual contribution to the Palestinian Authority if a peace accord with Israel was not signed within a year. Abbas appreciates that the Europeans would follow the American lead for an aid cutoff.
The US-EU aid packages totaling $1.5 billion account for nearly all of the PA’s regular revenue. The most up-to-date intelligence data reaching Washington and Jerusalem confirm that if Abbas were to find an alternative source of income, he would grab it and drop out of the peace negotiations like a shot.
But the Obama administration and Netanyahu government alike are ignoring these assessments and pressing on with the talks, mindful of the end-of-April deadline set for reaching the finishing line. …read more
Source: 5tjt Facebook Page

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One Response to Obama Administration Prepared To Blame Bibi

  1. Rachmiel ben Ariel

    January 2, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    “Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas . . . is holding out against all Secretary of State John Kerry’s Herculean efforts for a peace accord with Israel.”

    Has there been even one agreement between the PA and anyone–not just Israel–that has ever been kept by the Palestinians? The answer is no. This is a complete waste of time and American tax dollars. It is promulgated by three sources, the first being the Palestinians themselves who continue to take in funds from a variety of suppliers and yet, continue to behave the same; the second is made up of the Little Drummer Boys and Girls from the American Progressive camp, persons who have never in their lives opened up a book discussing history other than those published by Cornell University Press (or UC Berkeley) in the years following the 1968 student riots; and third, the new age anti-Semites, now masquerading as anti-Zionists–one can find them all over, including in abundance on Youtube (they come from both the USA as well as from nations in the European camp; and they are very interesting to observe, especially the Europeans–in fact, it’s the never ending story–for example, one Romanian anti-Zionist blogger could not understand the outrage concerning Romanian State Television’s broadcast of anti-Semitic Xmas greetings–they broadcast that Jews should be burned along with candles and that AH did not finish the job; of course, he then argued that he has many close Jewish friends and that his family had “rescued” many Jews during “the War!” MASPIK! The wrath of Heaven should come down on all of them.