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Obama’s Not a Bad Guy – He’s a Bad President: Marco Rubio Wows GOP Convention As He Introduces Romney

Sen Marco Rubio of Florida says Mitt Romney knows what makes America exceptional.

Rubio told the Republican National Convention on Thursday night that Romney understands prosperity doesn’t happen because the government spends more money, that it happens because people use their own money to open businesses.

Rubio said the problem with President Obama is not that he’s a bad person – it’s that he’s a bad president who favors tired ideas like big government.

He said: ‘By all accounts, he too is a good husband, a good father, and thanks to lots of practice, a good golfer. Our problem is not that he is a bad person. Our problem is that he is a bad president.’

The first-term senator and Cuban-American is a rising GOP star and a tea party favourite.

Taking the stage: Florida Senator Marco Rubio addresses delegates during the Republican National Convention before introducing Mitt Romney

He was also reported to be among Romney’s running mate choices.

Republicans hope Rubio can boost Romney, who is having a tough time winning over Latino voters.

Rubio said: ‘Mitt Romney is a devoted husband, a father, a grandfather, a generous member of his community and church, a role model for younger Americans like myself.

‘Everywhere he has been, he has volunteered his time and talent to make things better for those around him. And we are blessed that a man like this will soon be the president of these United States.’

Rubio took the stage after a rousing speech by veteran actor and director Clint Eastwood who ignited laughter among the audience members by talking to an empty chair as if it were Obama.

Rubio introduced Romney as the former Massachusetts governor prepared to formally accept his party’s presidential nomination.

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