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Ohel’s Foster Care Chanukah Party

1On the eighth night of Chanukah, Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services hosted their annual Chanukah party for foster families. This event is much anticipated every year by the foster children and their foster siblings—the biological children of their foster parents. The guests included Ohel foster care staff and their families. Whether typically functioning, or with special needs, all the children and adults enjoyed a joyous evening of good food, musical entertainment, singing, dancing, and general celebration.

Many people pitched in to make the party a success, including the staff of Ohel’s foster care department, children and grandchildren of staff, and volunteers. One of the main attractions of the party was the Parrot Rebbe, who brought along many of his exotic pet birds, which the guests got to carry on their shoulders after the show!

Entertainment was sponsored by Ohel’s Simcha Fund, and the party truly was a simcha, with children and families from every part of the Jewish spectrum and every level of ability celebrating together. The mood was infectious, with all the children present laughing together and cheering on the parrots.

Batsheva Berger and Shulamit Marcus of Ohel’s Foster Care Homefinding Department, who arrange this wonderful event yearly, summed it up well. “Everyone was enjoying themselves together, with one common thread that binds them—their willingness to open their hearts and homes to a foster child.”

Everyone was celebrating Chanukah together, and because of Ohel, all of these children, regardless of where they may have come from, have a place to call home.

If you have ever considered becoming an Ohel foster parent and would like more information, please call Shulamit Marcus at 718-851-6300. v

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