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On His Own: Marine Veteran On Self-Imposed Duty in Front of a California Elementary School

A Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan took  up self-imposed duty in front of a central California elementary school in the  wake of the Connecticut shooting.

Hughson Elementary School Principal Laura  Fong said Sgt. Craig Pusley stood all day Wednesday in fatigues in front of the  flag pole at the school just southeast of Modesto. He was not  armed.

Pusley, who served two tours in Iraq and one  in Afghanistan before leaving active duty last year, told Fong that ‘he wanted  to make the kids feel safe in light of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary,’  the principal said.

The veteran Marine arrived at the K-3 school  a little before 7:30 am, Fong said, and asked permission to stand guard. He  stood in front of the flag pole until 2:30 p.m., she said, without taking any  breaks.

Guard: U.S Marine Corps Reserve Sgt. Craig Pusley stands guard as kindergarten student Liset Corona, 5, walks to her class at Hughson Elementary School on Wednesday

Sgt. Pusley is a father of a three-year-old  and his wife is expecting another child. He told the  Modesto Bee that he decided to take  action after reading a Facebook post urging soldiers to be posted at every  school in the wake of last week’s tragic shooting in Connecticut.

‘When I enlisted, I swore to defend this  country from all enemies, foreign and domestic,’ Sgt. Pusley said.

‘I just want to be sure all these kids go  home safe for Christmas.’

Fong said Pusley is returning on Thursday,  the school’s last day before the holiday break.

‘It really is kind of heartwarming to know  someone would do something like that,’ Fong said. ‘It makes me and my staff feel  safer. After a shooting, there’s always a heightened awareness that this could  happen anywhere.’

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