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Orthodox Jewish Couple Killed By Out-Of-Control Car, Shabbas Afternoon In East Brunswick

A horrific crash killed a husband and wife as they left a synagogue in New Jersey.

It happened at Dunham’s Corner Road and Hardenburg Lane in East Brunswick just before 1 p.m. on Shabbas.

Members of the synagogue tell Eyewitness News that the victims had just left their Sabbath service and were walking with their 27-year-old son and another couple, when a car jumped the curb and crashed into them.

The husband’s legs were severed, and the wife’s body was tossed into the bushes.

Several neighbors claim the driver was speeding and trying to cut a right turn before the light turned red when the car jumped the curb – killing the victim’s on the sidewalk and taking down a utility pole.

The victim’s son and the second couple were taken to the hospital along with the driver.

The driver has not been charged.

Source: ABC 7 NY

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