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Ostreicher in Bullet Proof Vest Due To Imminent Threat to his Life

Sources close to the defense of Jacob Ostreicher provided Gestetner Updates with this exclusive information. The life of Jacob Ostreicher is in imminent danger and he has been ordered to wear a bullet proof vest 24/7 due to the high caliber of the corrupt officials that were involved in this corruption ring, and due to their ties to notorious international Mafia groups.

These Criminal Groups are motivated to take revenge on Jacob Ostreicher after his case led to the uncovering of this ring of corruption, and due to the leaders of the corruption ring being sent to Palmesola Prison on Friday.

The source said “Jacobs life is in much more danger now in the clinic than it was in Palmesola Prison”.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in Bolivia Jorge Perez said that he met in the last couple of hours with several people who provided important information that can shed more light in the course of the investigation that uncovered the extortion case against Jacob Ostreicher.

“It has been very important and confidential information that deserves to be analyzed, this information is very frightening and scary,” Perez said in the evening program on Bolivian media.

Jacob Ostreicher sitting with Bullet Proof Vest while studying the Talmud
Courtesy: Gestetner Updates

Perez also raised the possibility that the network of extortionists led by government officials is involved with international mafia groups. “We are tightening security because it involved the Russian and French mafia… They forced a judge to change a decision within 24 hours… We are concerned” he said.

We would like to call again upon the U.S. State Department to demand the immediate release of Jacob Ostreicher to save his life and get him back home safe and sound to his family, neighbors, and friends.

Source: Gestetner Updates

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