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PA Gang Kidnapped Elderly Israeli Cabbie

Two Palestinian Authority resident Arab men have been arrested in connection to the kidnapping and beating of an elderly Israeli cab driver. The attack in question took place in January, but was under a gag order until Wednesday.

The attack began when the cab driver, 70, picked up three Arab men as passengers. The three asked him to stop, then pounced on him and tied a rope around his neck and beat him.

They then threw him in the back seat of the car and took off toward Ramallah. At some point they stopped and hurled him from the car at the side of the highway.

An Arab gang kidnapped a 70-year-old Israel cabbie, beat him, and threw him out along the road to Ramallah

The badly injured cabbie managed to make his way to a Palestinian Authority police station, where he was given emergency first aid and then sent back to Israeli territory, where he was hospitalized in moderate-to-serious condition.

One of the two men arrested in connection with the attack was nabbed after a similar crime. He was found with property stolen from the first cabbie in his possession.

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