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PA TV Airs Children Reciting Poem that Calls for “War… to Destroy the Zionist’s Soul” (VIDEO)

Over the span of two months, Palestinian Authority TV repeatedly broadcast the recitation by Palestinian children of a violent poem calling for war against Israel. Palestinian Media Watch spotted the videos, which call for “war… to destroy the Zionist’s soul.”

The poem is written by Bilal Abdallah, a Palestinian-Danish actor and poet. Bilal Abdallah received the Danish Refugee Council’s Artist Award in 2004.

The full text of the poem (courtesy PMW) is posted below:

“I am a Palestinian, my name is Palestinian
I’ve etched my name on all the town squares…
Saladin (Muslim conqueror of Jerusalem), calls to me from the depths of my heart
All my Arabness calls me to vengeance and liberation…
Thousands of prisoners and thousands who are jailed
call to this great nation and call to millions
They say: To Jerusalem, the [first] direction of prayer [in Islam]
To war that will smash the oppression and destroy the Zionist’s soul
and raise the Palestinian banner in the world’s sky
And strengthen my word that goes on: Palestinian, Palestinian, Palestinian.”

Palestinian Media Watch suggests that “the fact that all three children knew the poem by heart and all recited it in a period of two months might suggest that PA educational frameworks may be teaching children to memorize this poem…”

A video of one of the recitations can be viewed below:

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Source: The Algemeiner

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