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Palestinians break hole in security fence with hammers and enter Jerusalem

( A group of Palestinians entered Jerusalem Friday without
passing through a security checkpoint by using hammers to make a hole in the
security barrier between the city and Abu Dis. The protest was held as part of
events related to Nakba (“catastrophe”) Day, a day on which Arabs mourn the
establishment of the state of Israel, held on May 15.

The security fence was put up by
Israel as a way of protecting its citizens from attacks by Palestinians from Palestinian-Authority-controlled cities in Judea and
Samaria. Yehuda Dana, security chief for the Beit El region, told the
Israel National News that these Palestinians are “throwing rocks into the
community, causing injuries.”

According to the Palestinian
protesters, Israeli Border Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at them after they entered through the hole in the
barrier, and there were several injuries. Dana said such Palestinian rioters
were often previously handled with “silk gloves” but that “their brazenness has
crossed the line.”

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