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Palestinians Build Outpost in West Bank Tract Slated for Settlement

Palestinian activists and international supporters on Friday pulled a move out of the Jewish settler playbook and erected a tent city in the area known as E1, between Jerusalem and the settlement of Maaleh Adumim.

The outpost, known as Bab el-Shams, or The Gate of the Sun, came in protest of Israeli government’s announcement in November to build housing projects in the disputed area, a move that critics say will preclude the possibility of a territorially contiguous Palestinian state.

“We have set up 20 tents, and have enough equipment to stay here for a long time,” AFP quoted Abir Kopty, spokeswoman for the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, saying.

A Palestinian boy riding a donkey near the E1 settlement corridor, with Ma’aleh Adumim in the background, on Wednesday. (photo credit: (AP/Sebastian Scheiner)

The organizers of the Palestinian outpost said their actions were not symbolic, rather their intention was to change the rules of the game and create facts on the ground that they claim as theirs.

“We are building the village because we can not remain silent any longer about the continuing settlement construction and theft of our land, and because we believe in direct action and nationalistic opposition for obtaining our objectives,” the organizers were quoted by Walla saying. They added that they would not leave the premises until the Palestinian owners of the property received their full rights to it.

“Bab el-Shams is out gate to return,” they said.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said they had been served documents saying they were trespassing but it wasn’t immediately clear what action, if any, would be taken.

At the time of this report, no IDF or police personnel had arrived on the scene to prevent the construction of the outpost, Ynet reported.

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