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Pandemonium & Chaos In Photos

A black Islamic flag is flying over the U.S. embassy in Tunisia after it was stormed by a mob of protesters today – as anger at an American-made anti-Islam film resulted in chaos across the world.

Symbols of America and U.S. embassies have been targeted around the globe in a fourth day of protest after Tuesday’s deadly raid on the American consulate in Libya.

In Tunisian capital Tunis, a mob overran the U.S. embassy compound, scaling the walls and setting fire to cars before tearing down the Stars and Stripes and replacing it with the symbol of Islam.

It is not thought any U.S. staff were in the embassy in Tunis, where an American school has also been set on fire.

A large cloud of black smoke rose around the U.S. embassy as stone-throwing protesters and police waged a pitched battle.

Black Flag over the embassy: Local TV images show a black Islamic flag flying over the American embassy in Tunis

Thousands of demonstrators massed outside the embassy and several were seen climbing the outer wall of the embassy grounds and raising a flag on which was written the Muslim profession of faith.

The protesters chanted ‘Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas’.

Police responded by firing tear gas, live rounds killing two protesters and wounding 28.

A group of several dozen protesters briefly managed to enter the embassy compound and set fire to cars in an embassy parking lot. They were pushed back outside by police and special forces who continued to arrive on the scene.

It was the worst incident in clashes around the world – with angry protesters ransacking a KFC and Hardee’s restaurant in Lebanon, police firing on protesters in Yemen, and unrest in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and Jerusalem.

On fire: Thick black smoke rises from the U.S. embassy compound in Tunisia after it was stormed by protesters angry at an American-made anti-Islam film

Tunisian protesters break the windows as they hold Islamic flags above the gate of US embassy in Tunis during a protest against a film mocking Islam today

Peaceful Nation: A Hardee’s and a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food outlet burns after protesters set the building on fire in Tripoli, northern Lebanon

London: Islamic supporters burn a US flag outside the US Embassy in London during a protest against the US made anti-Muslim film purportedly denigrating the Prophet Mohammad

One protester was killed  in Lebanon and twenty five wounded by police who opened fire as they cracked down on the mob who turned their anger on the American fast food chains.

A KFC in the northern city of Tripoli was set alight after the mob – many wearing face masks- ransacked the interior.

In Sudan, the American embassy was also attacked and smoke could be seen rising from the compound. Officials said a mob had been expelled from the compound with one protester killed..

Elsewhere, police have fired on protesters outside the US embassy in Yemen today as a group of 2,000 attempted to march on the compound.

It adds to unrest in Bangladesh where tens of thousands have taken to the streets, and India – where there are widespread protests in Muslim Kashmir.

A spokesman said protesters had been ejected from the embassy in Sudan, adding ‘they didn’t get far’.

Destruction: Lebanese men ransack US fast food chains Hardee’s and KFC as they protest against the controversial film “Innocence of Muslims” in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli

Protesters run as police use water cannons to disperse them at a crossroad leading to the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen

Smoke rises from the US embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, as protesters attempt to storm the building

Yemeni protesters run for cover from tear gas fired by riot police during a demonstration against a film mocking Islam at a crossroad leading to the US embassy

Anger: Lebanese men ransack US fast food chains Hardee’s and KFC as they protest against the controversial film “Innocence of Muslims” in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli


Stand off: A defiant protester taunts the police phalanx from the top of an upturned and burned-out car

Retaliation: Riot policemen collect stones during clashes with protesters along a road leading to the U.S. embassy to throw them back at protesters

Bangladesh: Also this morning, around 10,000 Muslims from half a dozen Islamist groups staged a noisy protest in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, burning and trampling American flags while chanting anti-US slogans

Palestinians burn U.S flags during a protest

Bahrain: Bahrainis burn replicas of American and Israeli flags during a protest after midday prayers in Diraz, Bahrain

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