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Police Probe Suspicious Device on Plane at JFK

A flight from JFK to Madrid, Spain, returned to New York Thursday night after air marshals discovered wires in the restroom and identified a passenger who appeared to be suspicious, sources told The Post.

A sweep of the jet back at JFK found no suspicious devices.

Delta Flight 126 took off at 8:10 p.m. and over the Atlantic turned back toward New York at 9:33 p.m.

Four marshals on board had discovered the wires hanging from the ceiling during a routine security sweep, police and aviation sources said.

There was a large police presence in and around Delta Flight 126 on July 12, 2012, after reports of “suspicious wires” on board led to the passengers evacuated and a full-scale investigation

Also, at one point, the pilot reported that a woman claimed to be ill. Back at JFK, she was taken away in an ambulance and placed under guard.

The plane taxied to a remote part of the airport and approximately 200 passengers on board were taken to a terminal to be questioned.

Source: NY Post

Reuters reports that a couple was taken into custody, the man being held was of Middle Eastern origin, while the woman was from Argentina. But it is not confirmed.

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