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Poll: 61% of Israelis believe Obama will defy security objections to Iran deal

"The 79.99% Solution," by Nathan Moskowitz.

“The 79.99% Solution,” by Nathan Moskowitz.

( Sixty-one percent of Israeli Jews believe there is a high probability that U.S. President Barack Obama will approve the signing of a nuclear agreement with Iran even if Israel expresses that the deal endangers the Jewish state’s security, according to the newly released Peace Index poll by the Israel Democracy Institute.

The U.S. is willing to make concessions in the nuclear talks with Iran in exchange for Iran using its influence to ensure stability in Middle East hotspots such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, Army Radio reported Tuesday.

Regarding March’s Knesset elections, 58 percent of Israeli Jewish respondents in the Peace Index said that a government headed by current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is best suited to deal with Israel’s security issues, compared with 27 percent who prefer a government led by Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog on security matters.

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