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President Peres conducted a festive visit in honor of Christmas to the Franciscan Catholic Church in Ramla and delivered a festive greeting to Christians all over the world

“The Lord is doing what he can but we must do what we need to do, to follow his wish and our destiny, to live in peace.”

The President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres, conducted a special festive visit to the Franciscan Catholic Church in Ramla in honor of Christmas. President Peres was welcomed at the entrance by children in Santa hats singing Christmas songs in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

President Peres, accompanied by the Mayor of Ramla and the head of the church, entered the main hall which was decorated festively for the holidays. The event was attended by the leaders of a number of Christian denominations, each of whom delivered a holiday greeting. President Peres joined the choir of a local school as they sang classic Christmas songs and, along with the gathered guests, was given traditional chocolates.

President Peres thanked the community for the warm welcome and said, “It is a special occasion for us to be able to celebrate Christmas all together – we all pray to the same lord and we all pray for the same thing – for the Lord to provide peace to us all and in particular that the young girls and boys will now know anymore wars and hatred. I came to offer my blessings on behalf of the State of Israel where Jews, Christians and Muslims live together. It is my pleasure to bring you the greetings of the whole people of Israel, a holiday for one religion is a holiday for the whole county. As a state we are responsible for your safety, freedom and holy sites and for your feeling as free and equal citizens that carry with them the hope that unites us for peace and a better world. The Lord is doing what he can but we must do what we need to do, to follow his wish and our destiny, to live in peace.”

The Mayor of Ramla also added his greetings and said, “Ramla brings together all faiths, Jews, Christians and Muslims, and from this place we call for people to come together, and solidarity between all faiths.”

At the end of the event President Peres and the leaders of the Christian denominations in Israel raised a glass to a year of peace and the president wished them a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

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