Prototip Trio Playing At Molloy College, December 8

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Internationally renowned Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital’s Prototip Trio will be playing at The Madison Theatre at Molloy College on December 8, at 8:00 p.m. The Prototip Trio includes Avi Avital playing the mandolin, Nadav Lev on guitar, and Sivan Magen on harp.

When asked how he came to this unique blend of instruments, Avital said, “I was looking for complementary instruments to play with the mandolin so I began looking at the usual concert instrument groups, such as the string quartet, that would give a similar sound but that would better complement the mandolin, and I found that the guitar and harp sound brilliant with the mandolin.”

Working with the mandolin has given Avital complete freedom to create new works and be innovative in the classical music genre. “I find it a lot of fun to offer something new in the context of classical music, which can be sometimes difficult in classical music depending on the instruments used,” Avital said. This is one of his favorite parts of being a classical musician.

Born and raised in Israel, Avital began his studies in Jerusalem, which is also where he started his search for new pieces for the mandolin. Avital said since the start of his musical career, he has been looking to compose new pieces of music for the mandolin from a variety of different cultures. In his travels all over the world, he has encountered the individual ways these different cultures write music for the mandolin and has begun to work with many composers from these different places. With such great diligence, Avital has gained worldwide recognition for his work. This young musician has deservedly earned many great accolades for bringing new attention to the mandolin, including being the first mandolinist to receive a Grammy nomination in the Best Instrumental Soloist category.

Avital strongly recommends that a young or new audience should attend this show because there is truly nothing like hearing classical music live in a theatre. “Since we started to consume music through devices such as smartphones or computers, the experience of consuming music has changed, but with classical music this isn’t the way. Classical music can be entertaining and spiritual for the young audience to experience the creation of high art in real time,” said Avital.

In the performance at the Madison Theatre, the Trio will be playing pieces by Manuel De Falla, J.S. Bach, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Hans Werner Henze, Gabriel Fauré, Isaac Albéniz, Maurice Ravel, and an original piece by Avi Avital himself.

Tickets for the Prototip Trio are $20-35 and can be purchased by calling 516-678-5000, ext. 7715 or visiting

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