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Rabbi Avi Weiss To Lead Prayer Vigil Outside Of Lincoln Center

Rabbi Weiss, 2007

Rabbi Weiss, 2007

Group To Gather To Raise A Voice of Moral Conscious Against Death Of Klinghoffer

Rabbi Avi Weiss, one of the most influential American Rabbis will lead a group of his students in a prayer vigil at Lincoln Center on Monday morning, Sept. 22, at 10:30AM, outside of Lincoln Center Plaza at Broadway & 65th Street to protest the Metropolitan Opera House’s decision to air “The Death of Klinghoffer.”  


A small group will gather in study and prayer, and will have a wheelchair to illustrate the plight of 69-year old New-Yorker Leon Klinghoffer, who was killed by terrorists of the Palestine Liberation Front (PFLF). 


“Lincoln Center is being defiled, and we will gather to raise a voice of outrage against this play which celebrates terrorist murders. Shame on Lincoln Center,” said Rabbi Avi Weiss.

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