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Rabbi Willig Comes To MAY

The enthralled MAY audience

The enthralled MAY audience

The talmidim of Ateres Yaakov had the special z’chus of hearing divreiTorah from Rabbi Mordechai Willig, shlita, this past Sunday. Rabbi Willig spoke to both the mesivta and yeshivagedolah students, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and maximizing their potential. Following the shiur, many lined up to give shalom to the venerated roshyeshiva.

Rabbi Willig is a prominent roshyeshiva at Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchonon (Yeshiva University) and rav of the Young Israel of Riverdale, and has a unique connection with MAY through his son, Rabbi Akiva Willig, a popular maggidshiur in Ateres Yaakov’s kollel and rav of the newly established Bais Medrash of Woodmere.

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