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Rambam Talmidim Fa’hered By Illustrious Rabbanim

z8May 30 (21 Sivan) was the culmination of a year of Torah learning when Rambam Mesivta talmidim had the privilege of presenting sugyas to two esteemed rabbanim. The talmidim, Benjamin Akhavan, Dov Bitterman, Eitan Blumstein, Eric Grossman, Shlomo Laufer, Yair Lichtman, Michael Rosenfeld, Dovid Simpser, and Joseph Yizhaky, are part of the school’s advanced learning shiur, known as “Double Beis Midrash,” where they learn under the tutelage of Rabbi Yosef Ziskind.

The Mesivta learned Maseches Shabbos, Perek Rav Elazar D’Milah, and the Double Beis Midrash boys prepared sugyas to present to Rav Naftali Jaegar, rosh yeshiva of Sh’or Yoshuv, and Rav Avrohom Schorr, rav of Khal Tiferes Yaakov. The rabbanim listened to and interacted with the talmidim, asking questions and eliciting responses. They were extremely impressed by the competence and breadth of knowledge of the talmidim, and each rabbi gave divrei chizuk to the boys. Following this fulfilling and meaningful morning, the boys went to the Living Torah Museum with Rabbi Ziskind, where they continued to build on the ke­sher that had been created during the course of the year. v

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